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Warning to All Sellers: Remove All Debris From the Premises Prior to Closing or Face “Closing Armageddon”

If you are a seller and you are cleaning out the attic, the basement, etc. make sure that all your garbage and debris are removed from the premises (not just the house-the back and front yards as well)prior to closing.

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Can a seller “Swap Out” appliances without the consent of the buyer? The answer is “No”.

The appliances which are in the home at the time a Buyer makes an offer to purchase must be the same appliances in the home at the time of closing (unless the contract specifically permits an exchange). So if a Seller has a Sub Zero refrigerator in the house at the time of contract

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My contract has an “On or About” closing date. What does that mean?

Most residential real estate contracts in New York do not have definite dates to close. Instead, most contracts contain “on or about” closing dates, which create a “targeted time frame to close.” For example, a typical New York State residential contract would have closing date language stating

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